Monday, February 28, 2011

Strawberry ice cream sandwich

It's an ice cream day today, is it not?! While I was busy with my Mango kulfi, Andy made cute strawberry ice cream... Somehow, ice cream making seems to be a bit addictive activity to hungry monkeys.

Steve got me this train ice cream sandwich mould from America, and you know what I'm like..., "I want to try it immediately!" That's how Andy's lovely ice cream has turned into an ice cream sandwich.

And of course, I made the cake too! Normally ice cream is sandwiched between two cookies, but I decided to go for something different...., cake, yes... pink cake to go with pink ice cream;) The moist buttery cake has absorbed ice cream, it feels heavier than the cookie ones...

Verdict... Great for a main course, a little too big for a dessert... All in all it'll fill a hungry monkey's cake hole;D

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