Friday, February 11, 2011

One of the best Cheesecake ever!

Today, I was so determined to make this New York cheesecake (in fact, it was decided last night. See my digestive cookie preparation!)

Carefully design and planed the recipe in my head, I went in the kitchen and started. Everything had gone as I planed before a catastrophe happened at only a few steps away from the end...

I took out the cake from the oven. Then when I was taking the tin off the cake, my hands slipped. Next thing I saw... my lovely cake was up side down...  My mind couldn't take it in... then gradually it came to me... "NOOOO! SH*****T!" But, strangely I felt... sort of ok..., and took a deep breath, started making another one without no messing up...

Aaaanyway, take two went smoother than ever thanks to the failure from earlier. Indeed, this cheesecake is the best I ever tasted! I'm really glad that I didn't give up...

Today I learned that a strong determination is the key to success!

*Base (15cm deep cake tin)
Digestive cookies 80g
Sugar 25g
Butter 50g

Cream cheese 250g
Single cream 100g
Sugar 50g
Egg 1
Egg yolk 1
Corn flour 1 1/2 tbsp
Lemon juice 1/2 tsp
Vanilla extract 1/2 tsp

1. Put digestive cookies and sugar in a plastic bag. Smash them finely.
2. Melt butter and put it into 1. Mix well.
3. Place 2 on the bottom of a cake tin evenly. Bake 2 in the pre-heated oven (180º) until it's golden. Cool it down.
4. Meanwhile prepare the filling.
5.Mix cream cheese, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla extract together.
6. Add egg and egg yolk into 6. Mix well.
7. Pour single cream into 6. Mix well.
8. Add corn flour into 7. Mix well.
9. Pour the filling mixture on the base.
10. Bake in the oven (180º) for 45 minutes. When the top of the cake starts to get brown cover it with foil.
11. When the cake it baked, turn the oven off and leave the cake in the oven for another 30 minutes.
12. Take out the cake from the oven. Let it rest in the fridge at least a couple of hours before serving.

New York Cheesecake

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