Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mexican Churros

Churros is a nice finger snack, which originated in Spain and popular in Latin American countries.

I first came to know this unique shaped guy when I was at school in Japan. A very popular doughnut company started selling it. At first I thought it didn't look like a doughnut but the name sounded cute..., so gave it a try. It was like a new sensation to my doughnut world! Ever since then, I'm a big fun of Churros:D

A Mexican chain restaurant in London has it on their dessert menu too. Very delicious:)

Today, I made a little twist to the recipe by adding pistachio, which gives it a hint of nutty flavour in every bite. Some are straight and the others are curly funny shape... it's a great fun to make! Just be super careful when you deal with the hot oil.

To see the recipe, visit The World of Sweets Recipes, Mexico.

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