Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Milk & Honey loaf

Hello everyone, it's been a little while since my last post... but I'm still here and baking breads and cakes more than ever.

Because of the recent heat wave here in the UK, it's been a little difficult to maintain my starters (by the way, I call them 'my trusted guys'). The house gets too hot for my guys if I leave them outside the fridge too long but then I do need to take them out to the room temperature when I want to use them... Hum, the timing is even more important now in this hot weather..

I keep checking the conditions of the guys (I normally have only one starter out while the others rest in the fridge). If it's looking less energetic I feed a bit. I also leave it at the coolest place in the house (which is Lana's room!) during the day.... yes I'm like a mad man (or mad baker in this case.)

Though, I believe that anyone who keeps their own starter will understand what I mean... The longer you've had the starter the more you feel attached to it. ;D

Anyway, look!, my guys do respond to my hard work! They are coping with the heat ok and still producing awesome breads!

This one is our recent favourite Milk & Honey loaf. They are nice and soft with a good crust outside, and every bite there is a slight sweetness from honey. Not only does it taste good as is but also it's an excellent choice for sandwiched or cheesy toasts... hum yum yum...

How does everyone keep their starter in this heat? ;)

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