Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3x celebration!

Everyone! Have you realised that this post is my 100th post of The World of Sweets Diary! Lots of nice treats and some failure, I'm so happy to come this far. Of course, I'm aiming for thousands and thousands more posts to tell you about the World of Sweets Kitchen affairs:)

So, the 100th post is one of 3 celebration of today. The second is, it's my "Mum in England" (that's what I call her), Louise's birthday. Happy Birthday Louise, xxx! I've sent her lots of love with this cute cupcake:)

The Third is... maybe not as big as the last two, but I've completed my 30days of Bikram yoga session without failing any single day! I've got to be a bit aware of being fit so that I have a bigger cake hole... anyway, this is for me an amazing achievement, and I think I should give myself a little treat.....

Well, well, well, so far so good, let's run forward to 1000s post!

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