Wednesday, March 9, 2011

豆花 (Douhua, Tofu pudding)

Asian dessert Part 2, a Taiwanese pudding called 豆花 (Douhua).  It is one of the simplest Asian dessert we can try at home. Although I describe this dessert as a pudding, it's not like those eggy puddings such as creme brulee but more like panna cotta.

There is an interesting ingredient in the recipe, which is... "Agar, in Taiwanese, 菜燕 (Chhai-ian)". It's a gelatious substance made from particular plants. Agar is similar to gelatin, but since it's from plants instead of animal, it is suitable for vegetarians. Agar is also low in calorie and high in fiber... sounds good huh? And... don't forget about the soy milk! It's usually known to be a healthy alternative to cow milk. So..., this Taiwanese treat is not only easy to make but also seems to be good for our health too:)

The rich flavour of soy and smooth texture melted away in my mouth and the sweet brown syrup followed them into my stomach... This is the dessert to have after a big meal;)

To see the recipe, visit The World of Sweets Recipes, Taiwan.

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