Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super traditional Japanese wedding

Today, still chill but a beautiful sunny spring day, was my cousin's wedding day. They celebrated one of their most memorable days in very traditional Japanese wedding. The bride wore a pure white Kimono and my cousin worn Haori Hakama, a formal male costume. They looked absolutely gorgeous.

The ceremony was so different from the western style. It was very formal, in fact, it was so formal that everything looked so well planed. Pretty different from our one!

Even though their wedding was a super traditional one, they still had cake cut :) The cake was a lovely square sponge with cream and lots of fresh fruits on top. I was wearing Kimono so I couldn't have much food, but of course, Cake IS exceptional, right... It was soft, fresh and sweet, perfect for a newly married couple;)

Happy wedding to my cousin and his new wife! Thanks for such a wonderful wedding :)

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