Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Last day of my stay in Japan, I borrowed my mum's Takoyaki pan to make Danish pancake called "Aebleskiver". It's nothing like those flat pancake, but unique cute ball shape. It a nice finger food and pretty addictive...

I really had to try this cake white I was in Japan because I don't own a Aebleskiver pan myself but I knew my mum's Takoyaki pan would do the job. (Ah, just a quick reference, Takoyaki is a savory ball shape pancake-like thing from Osaka that has a small piece of octopus inside.)

So, I did... Oooh, yes. It came out just I expected, really well :) This only thing was I had to turn the cakes quite quickly to keep them from burning. I guess you shouldn't bake too much at once because you might end up burning some...

They are not sweet, so have them with some jam or sprinkle of sugar ;)

To see the recipe, visit The World of Sweets Recipe, Denmark.

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