Friday, March 18, 2011

Red Nose Day

It's "Red Nose Day" today in the UK. The whole country, especially lots of comedians, get together and are doing something funny to raise money for those poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa.

Red red red red... nose... red nose... I couldn't make an actual red nose, but I did make red Ichigo Daifuku and put that on my nose.... and ate it.. no, not from my nose... had I done that, that would have be quality.., damn it..I should have... anyway, it looked pretty, tasted juicy, sweet..., simply delicious.

Comic relief really has inspired me, and made me want to do something for people in Japan who are in the disaster zone. There is so little I can do, but I'll bake cakes, make desserts, try sweets, and tell everyone that Japan needs support.

The World of Sweets website added a link to "Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund".
Please tell your friends and get as much support as possible.

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