Friday, May 3, 2013

Pineapple yeast vanilla cake

Recently I've been using less and less dried yeast and more of my own starter for baking breads. Then I thought... why not use it for my cakes too... so, I did. ;)

I made a simple buttery vanilla cake with my pineapple starter. And and..., it was a great success! I think the pineapple yeast was a good choice for a cake because it has a very sweet fruity flavour to it.

Andy took the round cake to work (I put ginger pear jam and butter icing in the middle) and apparently it was gone in 5 minutes! That's to me the best compliment I could get as a baker. :D

One thing with using the starter for a cake is that it's a much longer process than an ordinary cake because you need to wait for the cake to rise before you put it in the oven, and it could be more than a few hours depending on the size of the cake and the condition of the starter. So, plan your baking time! Don't start it late in the evening because you might end up waiting and waiting and won't be able to go to bed until midnight... (that was my case...silly me...).

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