Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Strawberry yeast bread - 2.

Strawberry Yeast Bread - 1.

How to make Strawberry Yeast.

Two weeks ago I posted about my strawberry yeast bread, which I made by using the straight method. Last weekend, I made a lovely crusty loaf with my strawberry yeast again but by using a different method.

This time, I made a starter from strawberry yeast liquid, which obviously took more time to prepare, but watching my starter grow is one of the things I love about bread making (of course, eating is the best!). I honesty believe 'patience' is the key to a good baker. ;) Anyway, to bake this loaf, it took me about one week from start to finish.

I baked the loaf in a cast iron pot in order to get a crusty outside. It worked pretty well. The out side was nice and crusty but inside was still soft and springy thanks to the milk I added to the dough.

I baked the bread in the morning, went off to work, came back after a whole day in the kitchen, went straight to my loaf, and quite literally destroyed the whole thing. I was that hungry and the loaf was that nice...

I had some with cheese... Simple is the best. ;)

Fish in the middle for Andy. :)

Here, I shared on BON APPETIT. how to make Strawberry yeast starter.

Enjoy watching your starter grow!

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