Sunday, April 17, 2011

あずき練乳アイス (Azuki Ice cream)

Sunny Sunday! I can really see the summer is really coming!
And in my math (I'm terrible at math, by the way...) Summer = Ice cream!
One of my all time favourite is "Azuki Milk Ice cream", we call it あずぎ練乳アイス (Azuki rennyu ice). And last night, I found a stock of condensed milk and azuki in the cupboard, and there was some cream left in the fridge. Yep, perfect. I could already tell it was going to work!

After 2 minutes prep, my ice cream went in the freezer...

The following morning..., I rushed to see it nicely set. One, two, three scoops... I had a taste with a big spoonful. "......Oh.. home.... Japan..." That was just the taste I expected, nostalgia.. Childhood, a humid lazy summer's day. It tasted really like the Azuki Ice cream from "551 Horai" if you know them... (It's a very popular Buta-man shop in Osaka.)

It's very easy! When you want to feel a taste of Japan, try it!


Ready cooked sweetened azuki 500g (see my post -Sweet Azuki Beans)
Condensed milk 150g
Single cream 150ml

1. Mix all the ingredients.
2. Put it in the freezer until it set.

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