Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ultimate custard ice cream

There are so many things we can do with those left out egg yolks after making macaroons or chiffon cakes, and sometime, those yolks with a look of "use me up!" gives me great ideas:)

This time, I opted for a simple custard... but it wasn't just custard, it was for my ultimate custard ice cream! I've always wanted to make really rich cream-brulee-like ice cream, so the time has come!

I've made the custard with brown sugar for a change from normal white sugar, which worked well and gave the custard a good body. Hum, looking already good:) Since I still had dulce de leche from the other day, (remember Torta de hojas I made?) I mixed it in the custard and made lovely marble. Wooow, I could already see it was going to taste amazing.... I even had a spoonful before putting it in the freezer... cheeky...;)

Having waited whole afternoon, I finally got it out for dinner. The texture wasn't rock -hard like the ones you sometimes get, but so smooth that I could serve it straight from the freezer. The taste...! This is what I call "The ultimate custard ice cream"! Yum yum yum...


Corn starch 15g
Brown sugar 120g
Water 80ml
Egg yolk 2
Single cream 160ml

1. Boil sugar and water in a sauce pan. When the sugar is fully melted, turn the heat off.
2. Mix corn starch, egg yolk and cream together. Add them into 1.
3. Put 2 back on a low heat and mix well.
4. When the mixture has become creamy and shiny, turn the heat off. Let it cool.
5. Add dulce de leche in 4 and mix roughly to make marble.
6. Put 5 in the freezer to set.

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