Monday, April 11, 2011


Since I haven't done a yeast baking for a little whole, I thought I should give it a go with this Slovene nut roll, Potica.

Making potica is a great fun, but also a little time consuming, so be prepared:)
Normally, when I make bread, I love the time I wait for the dough to rise. I sometimes even sit there and just watch them to get bigger and bigger... However, with potica I didn't have time for that. I've got to prepare the nut filling! Crush, crush crush the walnuts.. and mix and mix... By the time I finished with the filling, the dough was looking..., good...:)... a quick finger test... yes, perfect!
Spread the lovely walnut filling, roll it up and bosch in the oven...

Out of the oven, Potica was smelling really good... humm, nice texture too. Oh and, I can see the nut roll inside! And most importantly, the taste was... gorgeous... sweet nut filling and rich buttery pastry filled my mouth with a pure pleasure after a long preparation.

To see the recipe, visit The World of Sweets Recipes, Slovenia.

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