Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sourdough Coconut & Honey Loaf

What is slim and loooooong...? ;)
I bought a slim-long loaf tin when I was back in Japan last time, and finally got around to try it out with this aromatic Coconut & Honey Loaf.

Strong flour 125g
Plain flour 125g
Starter 110g
Milk 160g
Honey 25g
Coconut butter 2tbsp
Salt 4g

This loaf has such a nice smell from the coconut (I use homemade coconut butter because it's much cheaper than shop bought ones!) and natural sweetness from the honey. The dough might seem pretty weak as it's got 50% plain flour, but don't worry, this is what make the crumb nice and soft.

Good size for small hands. ♥︎

Mini loaf three ways...
Eggy bread or French toast (by Andy).
They were all nice but, the best was Andy's quick eggy bread. Good call for doing that! (Hum, I actually don't know his eggy bread recipe...). 

What do you put in your eggy bread?

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