Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pain de Campagne with Rose sourdough starter

I've learnt my lesson...
'The starters are all different just like we are.'
Do you remember my rose sourdough starter that I made back in June? The starter has been considerably less active and smelt much more sour than my other starters. So, I thought... 'I'm going to feed it again and if it's still not looking better, I've got to say bye bye to this starter...'

I fed it as usual. I left it overnight as usual.
But still, it looked bit sad... ;(

Because I was reluctant to throw my starter away, I left it out for a few more days, and guess what! it started to look and smell better! So, I fed it one more time and the following morning it was as active as my other starters.

It seems that all it needed was a bit more time in room temperature...

To test my newly revived rose starter out I made a simple wholemeal pain de campagne.
It rose (oh rose!) well. It baked very well. And most importantly it tasted amazing!

Ingredients for simple pain de campagne;
Starter 125g
Strong white flour 200g
Wholemeal flour 50g
Milk 170g
Salt 4g

I was so glad that I didn't throw this starter away.
The rose starter reminded me of this... 'The starters are all different, so don't rush them. Watch your starter carefully and know your starter well so that you know what the starter really needs (whether it's water, flour, temperature or time...) to be its best!' 

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