Friday, July 4, 2014

Buckwheat sourdough mini baguette & rolls

I have a bag of buckwheat flour in the cupboard that has been sitting there like forever... So, I decided to put that in my bread to see how it goes.

Usually I use a mixture of strong white flour and plain flour for simple rolls but this time I replaced the plain flour with the buckwheat. Compared to the dough with plain flour, the buckwheat flour dough felt wetter and little slower to prove.

After the mixing and some stretch-and-fold, I let the dough rise in the fridge for 36 hours. This long proving in a low temperature made the dough feel really good! As I was shaping, I could already feel these guys were going to have good air bubbles. :D

Mini baguette.
Humm, I love the distinctive aroma of buckwheat.

And here is the crumb...
I was so pleased to see those air pockets! 
The crust was not as hard and thick as I wanted but still it was a pretty good result. :)

And here is the roll.
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a good 'ear' appeared on my bread...

I'm going to change the recipe a bit and try this again to see if I can get better crust.
Hopefully I'll get a better result and be able to share the recipe!

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