Friday, June 27, 2014

Double Chocolate Cupcakes

Although I've lately been posting about more breads than cakes, I still do cakes too;)

I made these for our car sales guy and he specifically asked me to make 'very chocolate' cupcake.

So..., I made sure I did 'very' chocolate cake...

Melting chocolate and gently folding it in the cake batter is always a very therapeutic event. I love it! :)

Moist cake with plenty of milk chocolate on the top,
it's got to be a nice sugar supply for a Friday afternoon...

Egg 5 (Egg white 4, Egg yolk 4, whole egg 1)
Sugar 125g
Butter 125g
Self raising flour 110g
Dark chocolate 125g
Coco powder 15g
Milk Chocolate chips for the topping

I also made these cupcakes for Lana's nursery teachers since she is moving up to the next class and today was her last day at the current class. (Awe, she is growing up too fast...)

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