Thursday, June 26, 2014

Earl grey sourdough cube loaf

I believe that the more you use (feed, refresh, whatever you want to call it) the sourdough starter, the better they get. So, based on this, I'm currently using my still-very-new Lemon Yeast more often than my other starters.

Mr Lemon has quite a strong lemon smell, which gave me an idea for this particular loaf, Earl grey tea loaf. Yes, lemon tea, indeed! ;D I used earl grey tea as a liquid (The tea was very strongly brewed, and cooled down beforehand).

Earl grey and lemon worked well together. The tea gave the loaf nice caramel colour and the bread had quite a distinctive fruity aromatic flavour.

Along with the regular size cube loaf, I made some small ones. I bought some small cube tins back in Japan, and I absolutely love them! They are the cutest mini loaves. :D

Loaf for one? ;)

With the Lemon and Coconut curd..., it went down beautifully too...
(The lemon and coconut filling from the croissants.)

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