Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sourdough pain de campagne

What sort of flour do you use for your breads?
I've been using the same flour for a while and wanted to try something new to see what difference the flour can bring to my bread.

I went to a local whole food shop and bought a bag of Gilchesters Organics Unbleached White Strong Wheat Flour to try it out with my Pain de campagne. (Recipe here.)

You can get their flour on the Gilchesters Organics website or on Amazon.

So, how is this flour?

It's pretty different from the strong white flour that I normally use. It's unbleached, so obviously the colour is not 'white' but more like nice caramel colour. It absorbed the liquid quickly and very well, which I think is a good thing because you don't damages the dough by mixing too much.

When it comes to the strength of the dough, I felt it was a little weak, and that effected the crumb to be more of a crumbly side than a chewy (it's a personal preference but I like my crumb to be more chewy...)

The loaf rose well.

The crust was good too. It had nice toughness and lovely colour. ;)

And, it tasted great. This flour brought out just the right amount of that unique sour taste of sourdough bread.

The recipe needs a bit of modification for this flour, but all in all, I really like this stone ground white flour. ;D

PS. This bread is also excellent for sandwiches!

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