Friday, July 15, 2011

Dessert for a Japanese night...

Last night friend of mine from Japan (Oh, her name is also Yumiko!), who is currently traveling the world came around stayed with us. Because she spent last 9 months in South America, I thought she must be missing Japanese food.... So, I made a very Japanese dinner for us;)

Japanese curry with some sticky Japanese rice, and of course Japanese dessert! A sort of green tea pudding... The reason I said "sort of" is because it's not like usual egg based pudding...

I used almond paste powder and gelatin to set the pudding, which gave the pudding a very unique texture. It was like pudding, jelly and bit of mochi in one... Hum, addictive... We had it with sweetened soy powder, きなこ(Kinako), which for us "Just like Japan"....

Hope my friend, Yumiko-san, felt a bit of Japan before moving on to another place... :D


Almond paste powder 3 tbsp
Gelatin 1 tsp
Water 450 ml
Green tea powder 2 tsp

1. Boil water. Add almond paste powder and mix well.
2. Combine green tea powder and a few tsp of water and make a paste.
3. Add 2 into 1 and mix well.
4. When it the liquid becomes little sticky, turn the heat off and sprinkle gelatin in. Mix well.
5. Cool it in the fridge until it's set.

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