Friday, June 17, 2011

Taste of London

I went to Taste of London yesterday to help my friend, Sakina, who has got an excellent  Madagascan vanilla company, (see their amazing products here...)
Although the weather wasn't too great (I felt like we had all the weather in a day... Heavy rain, wind, and sunshine....), thanks to Sakina, I did enjoy the whole event so much! It was really inspiring!

And... there is a thing or more like...a chef... I met there when I was wandering around during the break time. Yes, Michel Roux Jr! Seriously.... I thought I was going to throw up my heart! I was THAT thrilled to see him because to me he is THE chef, my legend. I was totally speechless. Overwhelmed....
I don't remember what I said to him... maybe something like "I am a... a... a... big.. fa fa fan... oof... you...". Anyway..., I got one of his books and he gave me his autograph... Oh, and and! I took picture with him too!! Amazing... I just can't believe how lucky I was...

So..., it was a really really good day for me:) Thanks again to Sakina for such a lovely day:D

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