Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Russian Roulette cupcakes

I've always wanted to make them, but not to get involved in the game so that I don't hit the ONE...

And finally, the best opportunity has come! Andy was going to his mate, Yung's stag do at Glastonbury... it had to be done.. The Russian Roulette cake for the boys!

I made my normal buttery cupcakes with a hint of cassis liqueur... However, there is one  with Wasabi hidden inside (and I'm quietly telling you that the one with "eat me" written with pink is the one!)...Mwahahaha!! Not only that, I also added a good amount of Wasabi underneath of icing...Mwaghaahahaha!!! I feel such an evil... Sorry for one of the boys who is going to get it, and that will probably be Yung...

Well, the cupcakes have been sent to the boys. Let's wait to hear from my partner in crime... Can't wait! Guahhahahahah!!!

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