Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nutty ice cream

I was given 杏仁霜 (Almond paste powder)  at work on the other day. Because that's the main ingredient for 杏仁豆腐(Almond pudding), one of my favourite Chinese dessert, I was so excited to make one at home.

However, I thought... "Making almond pudding is so predictable... I want to try something bit more creative and innovative with it..." Then, I saw the bright sun. Baking hot. People were lying in the park... Summer is definitely here! That means ICE CREAM!

Done! Before I knew I was in the kitchen, preparing the ice cream mixture. It was an experimental recipe but I sort of knew it would work... (That might be because the mixture was custard based... and custard ice cream always taste gorgeous!) While I was making it, I decided to make it extra nutty along with the almond powder, so added a good handful of roasted mix nuts :D

I've served my lovely nutty ice cream in these beautiful shot glasses I found on the other day. They are so summery, are they not? I love the whole presentation thing with cakes and desserts too! Oh, and of course...., the taste... It's really really nutty and creamy... This is what I call Summer...


Almond paste powder 3 tbsp
Double cream 220ml
Sugar 80g
Egg 2
Mix nuts handful

1. Combine cream and sugar in a pot. Keep stirring and bring it to boil.
2. Stir in almond paste powder.
3. Take the pot off the heat. Stir in beaten eggs. Keep stirring to keep eggs from scrambling.
4. Put the pot back on a medium heat. Cook it until it's creamy and shiny.
5. Pour the mixture in a container. Cool it down.
6. Roast the mix nuts. Fold them in 5.
7. Freeze until it's set.

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