Friday, May 13, 2011


Hotteok is a Korean pancake with nuts and brown sugar filling inside. It's a popular street snack especially in the winter.

The texture of the pancake is similar to naan bread, soft and a little stretchy. When I bit into the pipping hot pancake, my mouth was immediately filled with the rich flavour and sweet taste of brown sugar...

Humm yum yum, not only did it make my body warm but also made me feel bit nostalgic... I guess it's because this popular Korean street food is very much like おやき(Oyaki) in Japan. Japan and Korea seem to have quite few things in common...

Normally, peanuts are used for the filling but this time I made them with walnuts for a change, which worked pretty well:)

To see the recipe, visit The World of Sweets, Korea Republic.

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