Thursday, May 5, 2011

こどもの日 (Children's day)

Today is こどもの日 (Kodomo no hi, Children's day) in Japan, and the last day of three days national holiday.
Around this day, we see lots of 鯉のぼり (Koinobori), colourful carp-shaped flags raised across Japan. Especially, by the river side you'll see a lots of them lined up and beautifully flying in the sky. That's one of my favourite spring view in Japan.

Unfortunately, I can't easily see the Koinobori in England (in fact, I've never seen one;(...) so..., I made it happen with colourful pancakes! Maybe they aren't as elegant as those flags but at least, they're edible... and cute, and of course, I can feel a bit of Japan...:D

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