Thursday, August 21, 2014

Purple Sweet Potato Sourdough Bread

Do you know purple sweet potato?
Purple sweet potatoes are sweet potatoes with beautiful vivid colour. I've never seen them in the UK but they are quite popular in Japan, especially I see a lot of purple sweet potato desserts in Okinawa, south coast of Japan.

I've got a sachet of purple sweet potato powder in my cupboard, and tried using it with my sourdough bread.

Strong organic white flour 250g
Starter 125g
Purple sweet potato powder 5g
Milk 178g
Salt 4g

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Look at the crumb! What a pretty pink! That must put a big smile on your face when you cut into it, right? (It did to me anyway....) :D

Not like the sensational colour, I couldn't really taste the sweet potato..., but the texture was good. The nice bit of toughness and slight chewiness was there.

Interested in getting some sweet potato powder?

Here is a link (it's in Japanese) ; パイオニア企画 紫芋パウダー 20g×5袋, or if you would like information in English, message me.

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