Friday, August 29, 2014

Mini rich sourdough rolls

I'm testing out some recipes for rich bread rolls that are perfect for mini sliders. What I'm looking for is a bit like brioche, quite rich and slightly sweet so that the savoury taste of fillings really stands out.

This time I tried using cream and egg in order to achieve my perfect buns.

Strong flour 250g
Starter 125g
Egg + Cream = 165g
Light brown sugar 1 tsp
Salt 4g
Oil 1 tsp

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Although I didn't put any butter, because of the cream it had nice buttery taste (I guess the cream became like butter while mixing...?).

Double fried egg sandwich...
The roll worked well as a supporting actor. The runny egg soaked into the bun nicely and it had just the right amount of sweetness and buttery richness.

I'm thinking about modifying the recipe slightly to make the rolls little softer but I must say I'm pretty happy with this attempt!

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