Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sweet potato cream

Another seasonal vege that I love, Sweet potatos!

I made sweet potato cream in the same way as the pumpkin cream. Sweet potato is very similar to pumpkin when it's cooked, so as I said for pumpkin cream you can use it for pretty much for anything.

I usually make a batch of sweet potato cream and freeze certain amount in small containers so I can take one out when I want to use it for my breads, cakes or desserts.

This time I made mini sweet potato mont blanc for morning tea time. Look at these tiny tea cups! I got them from IKEA kid's section... I think they are supposed to be toy? They're super cute anyway...;D


Sweet potato (after cooked) 700g
Double cream 80g
Demerara sugar 60g
Salt 5g
Butter 50g
Cinnamon 1/2-1 tsp

1. Peel the sweet potato skin. Cut in small pieces. Put them in a microwave safe bowl. Cover the bowl with cling film and cook for 10 minutes or until the sweet potato is soft.
2. Put the sweet potato in a blender and make a smooth paste.
3. Add the remaining ingredients and blend until they're mixed together well.

Have you tried my Pumpkin cream yet?

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