Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sweet corn & Cheese Sourdough Rolls

I wanted sweet corn and mayo but there was no mayo in the fridge....

So..., this was my plan B.
Sweet corn and mayo bread is common in Japan, and I certainly loved it when I was a kid. Now, my daughter loves sweet corn, so I decided to make this nostalgic bread for her.

Like I said I didn't have mayo... and when I realised that, I was already rolling out the dough to put fillings in it... my typical 'non-planning-bake'.... Change of plan, I added cheese instead.

Mayo would have given more moisture in the filling but still sweet corn and cheese was a good combo. Cheese gave an extra savoury taste to the rolls too.

The recipe is... the same as my Smiley Rolls, plus sweet corn and cheese (or mayo) for the filling;)

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