Friday, November 28, 2014

Sourdough Croissants

I confess...that I ate 6 croissants the day I baked these...
The winter is definitely here. The other morning I took my dog out for a walk and the grass was all frosty. Oh yes!!, I (and I think my dog) love that 'crunch crunch'!

You know what this cold weather means, don't you? It's the perfect time for the buttery pastry thing, CROISSANTS!

Sourdough starter 125g
Flour 400g (300g Strong flour + 100g plain flour)
Milk 200g
Sugar 40g
Butter 40g
Salt pinch
Butter (for folding in) 230g

Here is the how to - sourdough croissant recipe.

The key to good croissants is patience. And my patience was really tested this time. The first rise took nearly 24 hours in
low temperature. Then, the folding the butter business. At last, I get to do the shaping and the final rise. Again, it took long..., so long that I went to bed...

I'm sure that when you watch the dough, they won't rise!!!

I woke up with a nightmare. In that, my chiffon cake went horribly wrong...;( But, when I actually went back to the kitchen my croissants were waiting there nicely and ready to go in the oven, phew...

Here, we have beautiful layers!
Looking this brought tears in me eyes... (ok,  not really, not that much...)
Flaky outside and light texture with a hint of sourdough kick.
Who can say no to this...

I also made some with Hazelnut praline paste.
I ate it in 5 seconds... ;-d

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