Thursday, November 6, 2014


Latest sourdough creation!!!

Are you thinking "what's that?!"..?

Ok... let me explain..., they are doughnuts as you see, but they are not just doughnuts. They are made with sourdough starter, so I call them "SOURDOUGH-NUTS". :D

The recipe is in The World of Sweets 2015 Calendar. 

As a raising agent, I use sourdough only, no yeast nor baking powder. Same as most of sourdough bakings, the Sourdough-nuts need long proving time. But, once you've prepared the dough ready to be fried, you can freeze them. Then, you can have Sourdough-nuts sitting in the freezer ready for breakfast or snack;)

Fluffy... and surprisingly light!
You don't taste the sourness at all, and the texture is so light that it's hard to believe they are made with sourdough starter.

Freshly made Sourdough-nuts for little lady. :D

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