Wednesday, November 26, 2014

豆ぱん〜 Mame Pan 〜 Sourdough bean bread

This is a variation of sourdough pain de campagne but with a Japanese twist on it.

Before we start, here is a bit of Japanese lesson for you... 'Mame' means beans and 'pan' is bread in Japanese so 'Mame Pan' is... literally 'Bean bread'!

I cooked red kidney beans with water and sugar until they were soft. (It's very common to cook beans in this way, and we often have sweet beans part of a savoury meal although they are bit like dessert...) I kneaded a generous amount of these beans into my Pain de Campagne dough.

I don't know if it was because of the beans, the cold weather or my broken scale, but the dough was little bit on the tight side and took longer to prove than usual. But in the end, it did come out great. ;D
Nice rise and good tough crust. :)
Look! Lots of sweet beans inside. 

My daughter loves beans and she loved my 'Mame Pan'. ♥

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