Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Basic Sourdough Loaf

As much as I love hard crusty country type bread, I sometimes do crave for a very simple white loaf...

Such as this one...

It's one of my basic bread recipes and can be used for rolls as well. ;)

Starter 125g
Strong flour 250g
Milk 168g
Salt 4g
Brown sugar 25g
Butter 25g

Having butter and milk in the dough, the crumb is nicely soft and springy, and there is also a gentle sweetness from the brown sugar.

Some people say you need to wait for bread to cool down after the bake. But with this one, I really can't help myself breaking it apart ...and..,
...with a bit of butter, tuck in while it's hot...

This bread is definitely Lana's favourite too. 
She destroyed one third of the loaf!

And here we go..., I made cheesy toasted sandwich for myself;)

Have you seen my epic video of this sandwich on Instagram
If not yet, then take a look here! ;)

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