Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sourdough Beer Bread

I normally use water or milk for making bread, but I tried something a bit different this time,... Beer...

I used leftover opened beer I found in the fridge that was a pale lager. I love a kitchen experiment... and I got a bit excited as I was pouring the beer, I ended up making very high hydration dough, 94%!

I have to admit that this super wet dough was very difficult to handle, and not only that my hand slipped when I was transferring the dough on to the tray (Opps, maybe because I had a bottle of beer or two...!). But anyway, as the bread was in the oven, I could already smell the rich flavour coming from the beer... ;d

The result was... good, very good indeed! The crust was nice and hard, the crumb had good bubbles and moreish flavour. It was so good that we had half the bread for breakfast and the rest for lunch. ;D

I can see myself making this Beer Bread whenever we have leftover beer now. ;)

We made some sandwiches with the Beer Bread too.

Tuna mayo & Cheese.
Yum yum :)

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