Monday, April 28, 2014

Cornmeal bread

Starter (Banana yeast) 130g
Very strong flour 250g
Cornmeal 20g
Milk 190g
Salt 4g
Olive oil 1tbsp

A variation of my basic white loaf. I added cornmeal to give the bread extra flavour and slightly yellow and lighter crumb.

I also tried a new scoring pattern, which, I have to say, I'm quite please with. It's my interpretation of 'Corn'. ;D

So, last Saturday started with my freshly baked Cornmeal bread. For breakfast we had some slices with butter, and some more toasted...

Bread and butter, such a simple combo yet, so satisfying. 

With the left over slices, 
we made nice homemade sandwiched for lunch.

Mine with salad and peanut butter...
It sounds weird but tasted pretty good. ;)

The meat eaters had Andy-made burgers.

As I was preparing for lunch I caught Lana diving for a big piece!

I can already see this Cornmeal bread becoming one of our regular;D

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