Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day cake & dessert

It was Father's Day yesterday. Did everyone remember to send a big love to your dad or dads? I made Rum & Fruit cake for my dad and dad-in-law, who were both away this Sunday but the cakes were safely sent to them;)

I started the preparation for the fruit cake a little in advance by soaking the mixed dried fruits in rum for a month. I also made a jar of honey and rum soaked walnuts to put in the cake. Both the fruits and nuts were added to a nice moist butter cake along with a fair amount of rum... I added quite a bit of rum in order to make the cake last longer because I was sending it to my dad in Japan which my dad received a day before Father's Day. Yay!

And there was another dad who I made a Father's day treat for..., yes... on behalf of Lana..., it's my hubby and the coolest dad for Lana, Andy! I made a special cheesecake for him (also me and Lana). But it's not a usual cheesecake. It was a sugar-free, flour-less cheesecake. See? I care about our 'daddy's health', so went for a healthy option. ;D

Not only did the cheesecake have no sugar nor flour, it actually had no cream cheese nor cream! However, it tasted like and as creamy as those high calorie ones! I was well impressed!

I'll share the secret ingredients and the recipe on my next post... (so watch this space! ;D)

With Lana's footprint. :) This is how I sent the cake to Japan.

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