Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Coconut Swiss Roll

My love for Swiss rolls has been mentioned quite a few times here on my blog, and the recipe has already made it to BON APPETIT.

This Coconut Swiss Roll is a variation of my basic Swiss roll, but it's a little bit different.

It has no sugar, no flour in the actual sponge nor in the cream. Hum, good news for those who are watching their sugar and carb... Well, I'm not a health mania but I still love this Swiss roll!

I used coconut flour in stead of plain flour and honey as a substitute for sugar.  (I've been using a lot of honey recently, aren't I? ;D) Although some of the ingredients are replaced, the method of making the sponge is the same as the basic Swiss roll sponge.

The sponge had less volume and was slightly more fragile than the basic Swiss roll but still had a nice texture with a beautiful flavour of coconut.

I rolled dairy free cream and my homemade coconut jam known as Kaya in the middle (I came across Kaya when I was in Malaysia and loved it so much that I often had roti kaya for dinner...).

So here we are..., ultimate Coconut Swiss Roll! I have to admit it was really good that I had more than half the cake to myself, but still there was no sugar, no flour, I didn't feel guilty at all! In fact I felt super satisfied! ;D

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