Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gingerbread house

Three days into 2012 but I'm just catching up with my 2011 Christmas baking...lazy me...

Last Christmas I made a gingerbread house...but...half way through to Andy's mum and dad house the house started shaking and gradually falling apart on my knees... and it was just a pile of biscuit rubble... I was soooo disappointed ;(

So..., this year I was determined to make a more solid house that would survived the journey. As well as the stability, I made sure that the taste was good and the design was more sophisticated.

And...here we come... my gingerbread house was indeed very solid and made it to Andy's parents' house without any problems!

Design-wise, I created stained glass windows with candy. There was a porch, nice fruity garden, gest of bears, and of course two monkeys! I also did some icing sugar pipings:) Humm, I think I did a good job this year...Very satisfied with my House of Monkeys;D

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