Sunday, December 18, 2011


Christmas is nearly there and I made my way of Christmas tree cake..., croquembouche. :)

There were quite a few steps to complete this Christmas treat. First, baking choux buns. Second, making three types of fillings...creme patissiere, vanilla cream and cream cheese icing. Third, melting sugar and make caramel. And finally, fill up the choux buns with those lovely creams and then build the tower of AWESOMENESS!

I was very happy when my choux buns came out from the oven. They were all nicely shaped and well risen. That was a good start. :D

I was satisfied with all of my fillings too:) Especially the creme patissiere was rich with vanilla and when I filled the choux buns with it, I couldn't help trying one... oooh, yum;)

My sugar work went pretty well. I was being careful not to make too much mess, but once the sugar went all over the place I went crazy too... All in all, the choux bun tower was built solid. Very promising:)

I finished with some raspberries and icing to give more Christmasy look. Hummm, I think my croquembouche came out very good:)

I brought it to the Christmas drink last night and it went down very well. Hope everyone enjoyed my sweet Christmas tree:D

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