Monday, January 16, 2012

Little rose cake

In my bakingdom..., it doesn't need to be a "special day" to have a cake that looks special.

So..., last weekend, although it wasn't any occasions I made this little rose cake... because... I could...

I baked a little layered pink cake, filled with raspberry jam, coated with butter cream and icing, and topped with some sugar roses. Tying out my own roses were a good practice for my sugar work and also much more fun than using ready-made sugar flowers. It remains of me of those times when I was a kid and played with clay;)

After spending hours in the kitchen, making the cake look pretty, I actually started to feel like it was a birthday or wedding or something... and that gave me a buzz of excitement for no reasons!

Hummm, the cake was yummy, especially the butter cream was so good...! I think I indeed turned a normal day into a little bit special with this cake.... ;D

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