Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy 70th Birthday!!

Happy 70th Birthday!!!

Last Saturday was a big day for us... It was my dad-in-law's 70th birthday and we planned a surprise party for him. With three weeks of careful planning (or maybe it was a bit suspicious...), the party was a great success. :)

We managed to contact his cousins and friends, and invited them to come and celebrate his 70th birthday. We did this all in secret....

In the end about 50 people gathered together for his big day. So..., when he came home and saw all those people in the garden singing '♪Happy Birthday♪', it must have been a total surprise to him.

Pete, I'm sorry that we lied to you, and I promise there will be no more surprise party... ;D

The barrel cake was rum soaked fruits cake. The middle tree stump was lemon, and the bottom grass was chocolate. 

This surprise party was one of the biggest events ever at the World of Sweets kitchen too. 

Not only did we make the birthday cake, we also catered most of the food ourselves including the breads for sandwiches. (Yes, of course, 100% my sourdough breads!)
It was such a great day. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!

Once again, Happy Birthday to Pete!

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