Friday, October 17, 2014

Choux with Hazelnut Praline Cream

Attetiooooooon, everyone!!
This is one of the best cakes I've ever had, and by far the best cream puffs I've ever tasted in my life!
...Ok..., sorry about my over excitement and praising myself this much, but seriously, you've got to try this Hazelnut Praline Cream!

Andy kept telling me how great the cream puff he had the other day was. He told me that some sort of hazelnut butter cream thing was in a big choux pastry... Hummm, sounds yummy...

So, I decided to recreate this amazing sounding dessert.

First I made the hazelnut praline paste. It's very simple.


Hazelnut (roasted and shelled) 200g
Sugar 200g
Salt pinch

1. Heat up sugar on a low-medium heat until it's golden.
2. Take the pan off the heat, add hazelnuts to coat them well with the sugar.
3. Pour 2 onto a baking sheet and leave to cool down.
4. Blitz the sugar coated nuts in a food processor until it's smooth.

I mixed this hazelnut praline paste with my favourite double cream (custard and whipped fresh cream). I filled the choux pastry with the hazelnut cream until the cream was oozing out. ;D

Looooook at that!
The light choux pastry is a perfect match to this sweet rich cream.

One thing was I made only three of them and that was NOT enough!

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