Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hinamatsuri. 雛祭り- 2013

Today is Hinamatsuri in Japan which is a day for girls, and this year it meant extra special to me because it's my daughter's first Hinamatsuri. :D

I made these Hinamatsuri dolls for Lana to wish that she becomes a beautiful young lady and has a lot of happiness in her life.

And of course, some Japanese sweets to go with the occasion. I made my take on Ichigo Daifuku. Instead of putting Azuki I put matcha cream in side and put a strawberry on the top (which is much easier than trying to put it in the middle). It's kind of a mix of Japanese and Western. (Oh! that's just like Lana!)

Lana is too young to have the mochi so that is going in mama's belly but she will have the strawberry. ;)

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