Monday, February 3, 2014

Cheesy Loaf

I love cheese.
I am quite possibly addicted to cheese.

So, this one was for the cheesy hole in my stomach.

I made a basic white loaf with my yoghurt and raisin yeast, and added cheese in the dough as I was shaping it.
It was midnight when I finally started baking the bread, and the smell of cheese coming from the oven made my sleepy stomach rumble...

First I had a slice just as is. The loaf was soft and springy and it had a 'not too strong' cheesy flavour to it. I was very happy with the bake. But then, when I toasted it, it went up to the next level! The cheese in the bread got slightly melted and it was like cheese toast.The crispy cheesy crust was amazing too!

Cheese melting in the bread..., yum yum..;D

I used mozzarella (that was the only cheese I had...) this time but next time I'll go for bit more stronger ones like cheddar or emmental.

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