Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Banneton & Knife

I've been looking for a good Banneton, a bread proving basket, for a while, and I finally found the one that I love!! It's from Suffolk Food Hall's kitchen shop. They have different sizes and shape baskets there.

I got a medium size round one, and this basket is simply amazing! I dust it with only a small amount of rye flour when I prove the bread, and the dough comes out so perfectly!

No more 'dough stuck' accidents...;)

I also got a baker's knife, Grignette, from Andy's mum and dad at Christmas. Honestly, I was so happy when I opened the present. I love my new knife. It cuts the dough ever so cleanly.

No more 'dough tearing accidents... ;)

Strawberry yeast bread 
banana yeast bread...
both baked perfectly with my new basket and knife;D
Always..., good bread needs butter! ;D

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