Wednesday, June 20, 2012

わらび餅もどき (Fake Warabi mochi)

Yesterday it was a nice hot summer's day in London and I had a sudden craving for this Japanese summer dessert called "わらび餅 (warabi mochi). It's made from starch and a bit like jelly but more wobbly....

To make warabi mochi you need warabi mochi powder but of course I can't find it easily here in England. But that didn't stop me from fulfilling my want for Japanese food...

So, I made "わらび餅もどき (fake warabi mochi)" with gelatin. I simply set sweetened water with gelatin and ate it with kinako and date syrup (normally it's eaten with brown sugar syrup). Hummm, it didn't have the texture of Warabi mochi but certainly had the taste! I liked it.

I'll tweak the recipe to get the texture right but for now it filled my Japanese food hole. ;D

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