Friday, March 23, 2012

三色だんご?Sanshoku Dango?

There have been really warm days and flowers are blossoming everywhere in London, which makes me smile and want to "hop hop hop". :D I think we can now officially say... "goodbye Winter and welcome back Spring!"

So so so... today, I made a Japanese dessert called "三色だんご (Sanshoku Dango, seen my other post?) that has very Spring feeling to it... Huh? well ok, I said "Sanshoku Dango", but those who know what Sanshoku Dango looks like might think "What! that's not it!" Yeah ok... I admit the shape of those Dango aren't nice even balls... But that's "my style". Let's call it "Deconstructed Sanshoku Dango".

The truth is I made the dango a little softer than it should have been, so the ball-shape didn't hold well when I cooked them.

Anyway, it all comes down to taste, and... It did tasted just like authentic Sanhoku Dango! (believe me! I'm Japanese after all!) This Japanese dessert certainly satisfied my Japanese food cravings. ;D

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