Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby shower

It is REALLY not too long to go until we meet our baby girl!!! I am super excited and can't wait to see her! :D

Yesterday, we had a baby shower which our dear friend, Nneka organised for us. Thanks to her, we had great fun with baby games, music and even some Karaoke games...;)

Nneka also brought us her delicious strawberry cake! As a baker, I'm normally that one who makes a cake, so it was really nice to receive such a treat! (Oh and not only was it yummy, but also it had two of my favourite things on a cake, Cream! and Strawberries!) Thanks Nneka, mini me must have enjoyed it too:)

Although being heavily pregnant and knowing that Nekka would bring a cake for us, I couldn't help baking something myself too... So, I made a strawberry tart. (What a coincident that Nneka made a strawberry cake too!) Making a tart base by hands is actually quite therapeutic especially when I'm feeling "heavy" with my mossive belly and also a good exercise for a pregnant baker. :D

So, two treats with strawberry and cream went down heavenly, and of course I went for another slice each for the little person in my belly... hehehe, excellent excuse to eat more cakes...

Thanks to everyone who came to the baby shower and for the lovely gifts! She is almost there to meet you guys!

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