Monday, February 6, 2012

2 tier rose cake

As much as I love making rustic looking cakes and breads with no delicate decorations, I do enjoy taking time and effort to make cakes look little bit more "proper" such as this two tier rose cake.

I'm making a tiered wedding cake (yes, it's going to be a luxurious 5 tire!) for our friends' wedding reception in a few weeks, so I've done a test bake before the big day. :)

Having finished all the work and taken photos, Andy and I decided to cut the cake to see how the coloured sponge would look like, and of course to have a piece or two...

However, we then realised that we didn't know how to cut a tiered wedding cake because we never cut a tiered cake at our wedding! So..., here we were... we had a bit of fun pretending it was our little cake cutting ceremony. It was indeed sort of....funny....:D

Tastewise, the cake was moist and sweet with that "addictive" butter cream and icing around it. I was very pleased with it, yum yum... ;)

All in all, the result of the test bake was SUCCESS!
Now I can't wait to make the actual 5 tire cake!

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